Conditions More Often Treated in Urgent Care Centers Than in Hospitals

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When you find yourself in need of immediate medical attention due to an unexpected sickness or accident, you should opt for an urgent care clinic. An urgent health issue may refer to any disease or injury that has to be treated right away and cannot wait for a routine medical visit, but it is not a condition that really poses an immediate risk to the patient's life. These health clinics are equipped to treat a wide variety of common medical ailments, including the following:

• Back troubles 

• Accidents falls

• A high temperature

• Excruciating pain in the abdomen

• Sprains and fractures of the bones

• Nausea, diarrhea, or severe loss of body fluids

• Asthma ranging from mild to serious

• Difficulties in taking breaths

• Significant bleeding or deep cuts

• A severe cough or a sore throat

You must prioritize determining whether you need urgent care or emergency treatment since this is the single most important choice you must make. These clinics are unable to provide treatment for medical emergencies such as chest discomfort and symptoms similar to a stroke. These centers are not appropriate for patients who have suffered significant severe injuries. Severe bleeding, probable brain injuries, significant fractures, or anything that requires a hard cast and requires emergency treatment are examples of conditions that need immediate medical attention. 

You may go there if you have symptoms similar to a cold or the flu, an infection in your ear or eye, a cut or scrape, minor burns, or sprains and strains that are not severe. In the event that you have a need for services such as X-rays, vaccines, or sports physicals, you may go to this facility. Your should also determine whether or not these clinical costs are covered by your health insurance. 

They set the co-pays for visits to urgent care a little bit higher than those for visits to primary care offices, but they set them much lower than those for visits to emergency care facilities. Patients always have the option of checking with their insurance carrier or the urgent care facility to see whether or not they are covered by their policy and the amount of their required co-payment.

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