Personal Experience: Disadvantages Of Robot Vacuum Cleaners After A Period Of Use

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After many times using robot vacuum cleaners with many models from different brands, I draw some limitations of these vacuums for those who are about to buy.

After many times using robot vacuum cleaners with many models from different brands, I draw some limitations of these vacuums for those who are about to buy.

Firstly, the robot vacuum cleaners make quite a loud noise when working. This noise is less than a traditional dust collector but still noisy in general.

To down this problem, you can set the machine to run at a time when there is no one at home. A special note for homes with elderly people and babies is that you should consider before buying or installing as I suggest so that the robot does not disturb them.

Some Best vacuum cleaners - Top rated vacuum cleaner brands have recently equipped their robot vacuums with noise reduction technology, so I think it will be significantly less.

Secondly, I do not like the ability to move with multi-storey houses. Up to now, the robot vacuum cleaners that I know have not been able to go up/down between floors by themselves. You will have to clock each time the robot finishes cleaning a floor and carry them to other floors or invest in a robot for each floor. Both of these things create inconvenience when we can't always wait to carry the robot and it is too expensive to buy a robot on each floor. Robot vacuum cleaners seem to be more suitable for single-storey houses or apartments.

In addition, when bringing the robot to other floors, they cannot remember the map by themselves and have to rescan and re-program.

Thirdly, the small house with too many things then the cleaning robot is not effective. If your home does not have a large floor area, furniture is left untidy then even the Best Vacuum Cleaner will certainly not work effectively. The reason is that it constantly hits obstacles, has to change direction or even can't get into every corner of the house. Therefore, robot vacuum cleaners are not necessarily effective in cleaning small houses with many items.

Another weakness is: if you do not pay attention to cleaning the robot regularly, the cleaning efficiency will decrease and the cleaning robot can turn into a "dirty robot". Usually, I have to clean the robot every two days. The cleaning time is about 20 minutes for all stages including: removing/installing, emptying the dust tray, washing the mops (with the robot with mopping function), washing and drying the filter mesh.

I used to forget to clean the dust tray and as a result, when working, the dust, pet hair... from the container fell to the floor, combined with the cleaning function with a wet rag making the house full of black streaks. My house looks like a mess!

Finally, the cleaning function of the robot vacuum cleaners is not as clean as expected. I have used the best vacuum in the world from iRobot, Ecovacs... and found that they don't clean the house as clean as I do. The water tank in the robot is small, can't be compared to a bucket of mopping water. The thrust is also worse than wiping by hand so you should consider a more effective solution.

The above are the disadvantages of the robot vacuums I have used, please refer to sure the robot vacuum not waste money.


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