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Jaisalmer Travel Guide: Tips To Enjoy the Best of Rajasthan Trip

The stunning sandstone royal desert town of Jaisalmer, which you've undoubtedly seen on every postcard you've ever seen, is both endearing and enigmatic. It is the essence of everything Rajasthani. As a self-explanatory Golden City, Jaisalmer Fort is set on a ridge of yellow sandstone and keeps a close eye on the town that is constantly expanding beyond its boundaries. When you visit Jaisalmer, the city will surely completely steal your heart. It makes sense why it is so fascinated by tourists. Just opt for a Jaisalmer Tour Package for 3 Days to have the most fascinating trip to Rajasthan. In order to address all of your concerns if you are considering visiting Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, we have chosen to produce a comprehensive Jaisalmer travel guide.

What to Do in Jaisalmer

  1.   Explore The Golden Fort - Jaisalmer Fort

Even the city of Jaisalmer itself is a piece of heritage. The buildings are constructed with stones and bricks that match the color of the sand. The entire city is illuminated by the golden glow of the golden mansions over the golden beach. Jaisalmer Fort of the Golden Fort is one of the main attractions for travelers. Over 3000 people live in this distinctive living urban center, which was once a historic fort, along with stores, people, and cows in honeycombed old dwellings on winding pathways. Take in the breathtaking panoramic views while sipping masala chai on a rooftop café as you go past temples and stores. You are transported back in time to a time of battles and reinforcements by the perfectly tinted yellow sandstone walls. It must be on your bucket list while booking your Jaisalmer tour packages.

  1.   Stroll Around the Jaisalmer City

The city of Jaisalmer can be explored in a variety of ways when you visit. But in order to get the most out of it, you must plan and make the necessary reservations. There are many possibilities as to how you can explore Jaisalmer, how to get there, where to stay, how to go around there, and what you will do while you are there, so you must be prepared. Every budget may be met in the city. Despite the fact that you might want to book a specific Jaisalmer sightseeing tour and then sit back and relax while they take care of everything else, you must be aware of what they are giving and what you might be likely to miss out on.

  1.   Try Some Mouth-watering Local Delicacies

You must sample the local cuisine of Rajasthan during your Jaisalmer Trip for 3 Days. Many eateries would be happy to provide you with some local food while pleasant Rajasthani melodies were being played on the violins by the musicians. Explore the market and try the various cuisines there as another way to enjoy the city's cuisine. There are various restaurants, which specialize in Indian authentic food, some cafes for their exotic cold coffee, and the local cuisines of Jaisalmer, and various other types of stalls offering a menu with items like Kadhi Pakora, bharwan aloo, vegetable kebabs, Gatte Ki Sabzi, kulfi, etc. that are recommended. To sample these treats, you should visit authentic booths; in particular, the Gatte Ki Sabzi is a must-try while visiting Jaisalmer.

  1.   Unforgettable Evening at the Thar Desert

A visit to the dunes of Thar, where one can camp out while receiving royal treatment, should not be missed. The Thar is best explored from a 4x4 Jeep while driving through dunes and up and down sand hills. Arrive from Jaisalmer early enough to see the sunset on what must have been a wonderful day. When visiting Jaisalmer, you must reserve a night among the dunes. To get to the location where your camps are put up, you must first go to your pick-up point. From there, you can either ride camels or go on a jeep safari. Around the campfire, you may enjoy freshly prepared meals and live music. It's fun to spend the night out beneath a starry, moonless sky. This enables you to experience both the camel ride and the camping experience on sand dunes. You should not miss any fairs that the city is hosting close to your dunes. This must be included in your Jaisalmer 3 Day Package.