Also, it is not advisable to provide Modalert 200 mg pills to anyone under the age of 18.

Modalert 200 mg Tablet is used to sell wakefulness in sufferers with severe sleepiness in the course of daylight or sleepiness because of sound asleep problems.



Your physician can suggest getting an electrocardiogram while you're taking a Modalert 200 mg tablet (ECG). Along with a 200 mg dose of modafinil, your heart rate, blood pressure, and other vital indicators will be monitored. You shouldn't take modafinil in the 200 mg dosage if you've recently experienced a heart attack, arrhythmias out-of-control or moderate-to-high blood pressure, or any of these disorders.


Only people who have liver or renal disease, depression, anxiety, low mood, psychosis, mania, bipolar disorder, alcoholism, or a history of using recreational drugs should use modafinil 200 mg capsules.

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