Can you get an ESA dog if you have bipolar disorder?

Mental illness is nothing to be joked around about.



If you suffer from any mental illness e.g., anxiety, depression, OCD, or bipolar disorder, you need to be in touch with a mental health professional. Medication alone may not be helpful for you. The solution to your problem may lie in getting a furry companion and cuddling with them. Continue reading to learn more about ESAs and how they can help you.

The Need for an ESA

An ESA is an animal that is present for your emotional support. This means that whenever you are feeling down mentally, an ESA can help you recover. You can consult any online or offline licensed mental health caregiver to get an realesaletter for housing. With the help of this document, your ESA can live with you in your apartment and accompany you on air travel. You will begin to feel a significant change in your life with a companion around. 

Bipolar disorder and its treatment

Bipolar disorder is characterized by quick and sudden mood swings. Intense emotional states are experienced that rapidly change within a given time. If you suffer from this disease, you know that there are only a limited number of things that can distract you and keep you calm. While medication is very important, it cannot alone treat bipolar disorder. Cuddling with an ESA can help you recover from this intense psychological disorder.

Recommended Animals to have as ESAs

Since you are suffering from an intense psychological disorder, your ESA should be smart. This eliminates fish. Additionally, they should be cuddly, which eliminates lizards. Finally, the ESA should be highly affectionate, which means that you should go for an ESA dog. A dog is active, smart, good at mood detection, and very cuddly.

Benefits of ESA dogs for Bipolar People

Mood detection

Dogs are highly intelligent creatures. They can detect their owner's sad or happy mood within seconds. If you are suddenly overwhelmed with grief, your ESA will immediately detect it. They will wiggle their tail, cuddle with you, and try to lick your face to make you feel better. If you're happy all of a sudden, you can guess who will be there to cheer you on.

Responsibility helps in bad days

Let’s Suppose you are having a depressing episode. You are still responsible for taking care of your dog. No matter what your mood is, you must feed, cuddle, and groom your ESA. This provides a degree of stability in your life. Constantly dealing with your ESA during bad episodes can help you stay emotionally stable in this time period.


As a bipolar disorder patient, you already know that a good distraction can do wonders. Some people recover from bipolar disorder by being there for their depressed friends. Providing comfort to others, therefore, has a reciprocating effect on your own self. Your ESA can be the perfect distraction.

By taking care of its needs, you will form a deep attachment. You can comfort your ESA by feeding, cuddling, and grooming it. By taking on this massive responsibility, you will have no time for your negative thoughts. The ESA will distract you from your worries and help you focus your negative energy towards your dog in a positive way.

Training your ESA

You can train your ESA to do tasks for you when you are feeling down. Having a gloomy episode? Don’t worry – train your dog to do things for you. As a patient of bipolar disorder, you know that sometimes even getting up from bed seems like an impossible task. Through adequate training, you can command your dog to get medicine for you from another room.


Sometimes a bipolar episode can ruin your whole week by making you think that you are useless. A lack of confidence is very difficult to resolve if you are alone. With a dog companion by your side, this issue can be resolved. After taking care of your dog, you will find purpose in life which will boost your confidence. Additionally, your dog will constantly crave your approval, which acts as another source of confidence-boosting.

Bipolar children and teenagers

This disease is present in people of all ages, races, and genders. Anyone suffering from the disease can highly benefit from owning an ESA. After diagnosing your child, a licensed mental health professional can send you an real esa letter that will arrive at your doorstep within a week. By taking care of the dog, your child can successfully counter the challenges associated with bipolar disorder.

Consult someone in Your Boat

Owning a dog is a responsibility that you might feel you aren’t ready to take. You are probably thinking that taking care of an ESA is nearly impossible for a bipolar individual. Well, you are wrong because there are hundreds of ESA owners who are suffering from bipolar disorder. You can consult any online ESA forum and read the experiences of people with similar symptoms as you. You can even ask questions if you are confused about any aspect of the matter.


To sum it up, ESAs are the solution to countless mental health problems. During miserable episodes, your ESA can support you with their presence. During your joyful episodes, your ESA can be your number one supporter. To obtain an ESA, you should consult a licensed mental health caregiver who can assess your needs and provide you with an emotional support animal letter if you qualify. This letter is an important document that can help you travel with your ESA pet and provide additional legal protections in housing and employment. If you have any doubts about the process, you can also consult online forums for more information.

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