Design standards and requirements for dance studio mirrors

Learning to dance depends on observation through a mirror. A safe, shatter-proof dance mirror can help you observe the standardness and agility of your movements.


Dance is an art of the human body. It expresses the love of life and art by expressing the content of dance with body movements. In the process of learning, the most important thing is to practice movements by observing through the shatterproof dance mirror, to capture the dynamic feeling of one's movements, the shape of the body dancing, the standard of movements, and the sense of agility.


Nowadays, especially many children like dancing, so some parents will send their children to dance classes to let their children learn one more art. Families with some conditions will also create a small room at home for their children to practice dance, which also requires the installation of a professional shatterproof dance mirror.


Brisafe shatterproof dance mirror


Of course, some dance classes also need to install special dance mirrors when they just open, and some gyms also need to install such large mirrors.


The dance studio mirror is generally 3m high and 3.5m wide.


There are the following requirements:


1. Height requirements: The specific height should be determined according to the height of the dance room. Generally, the floor is below and 0.5m is left above.


2. Area requirements: the area should be large enough, the height should be at least 30cm higher than the person's height, and the width should be as wide as the classroom.


3. Installation requirements: The installation should be firm and reliable, and there should be no shock or vibration.


4. Protection requirements: There should be protection in front of the mirror to prevent students from hitting, and the clothes box can be placed in front of the mirror.


Dance studio design standards


1. The dance studio is a place for physical training and dance rehearsal in art teaching. It can also be used for the opening of the gym and other projects during spare time. The dance studio should create an artistic world for students to give people a beautiful feeling. It contains dance studios, changing rooms, toilets, and other supporting facilities.


2. The dance studio should be equipped with teaching application equipment such as mirrors, floors, audio TVs, etc. At the same time, the area required by the environment should not be less than 280 square meters. The use of fluorescent lighting systems should be used, and windows should be installed with curtains to avoid sunlight. Exhaust fans should be used for forced exhaust air indoors, and air conditioners and electric fans should be installed to ensure that the indoor temperature should not exceed 30 °C. Solid wood floors are laid on the ground, solid wood floors or laminate floors are laid on the floor of the dance studio, and plastic cushions are provided according to the classroom area.


3. The design of the dance studio should take into account the functional requirements of teaching and rehearsal, and a full-length body mirror with a height not less than the indoor height should be installed. The remaining three inner walls should be set with a handlebar with a height of not less than 12 meters, and the distance between the handlebar and the wall should not be less than 30 cm. The size of the equipment cabinet requires a unified structure, reasonable and practical, and beautiful. The materials meet the requirements of environmental protection, the number of equipment cabinets can meet all equipment storage, and there should be corresponding anti-theft and fire safety facilities.


4. The horizontal wall on the side perpendicular to the lighting window shall be provided with a shatterproof dance mirror with a height of not less than 2.1m including a mirror seat on the two opposite sides, and a handlebar with a height of not less than 1.1m that can be lifted to 3m shall be installed on the wall. , the distance between the pole and the wall is not less than 400mm.


Brisafe shatterproof mirror


When we install dance studio mirrors, we need to find professional personnel to measure the size. When considering the bearing capacity of the wall, the installation of the shatterproof dance mirror should try not to damage the wall. The dance studio mirror needs to be customized by a special person, and the whole surface is complete and seamless so that the space reflected by the mirror will be more coherent, and for such a dance studio mirror, for safety reasons, it is necessary to use relatively high-quality materials.


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