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The best layout. When it comes to performance The new MacBook Pro was created with performance in mind in every aspect. The best high-performance components, including all-flash storage, the newest quad-core CPUs, potent discrete graphics, and enormous amounts of memory, were embedded into the internal structure as a whole. Nonetheless, we still managed to achieve an astounding 7-hour battery life despite cramming such a significant amount of power into such a tiny design. These make this MacBook Pro the most sophisticated laptop in the world as a whole. And get macbook repair dubai


The MacBook Air automatically detects available Wi-Fi networks and connects with a single click. You can surf the internet, send emails, and print documents from anywhere you are.4 Bluetooth technology also allows you to connect your MacBook Air with Bluetooth-enabled devices such as speakers or headphones. You're connected even without wires.

It's worth a second glance. A third. Und noch eine.


High-resolution display

Millions upon millions of pixels. The MacBook Air display measures only millimeters. It measures just 4.86 millimeters (0.19 inches) thick, but the resolution is so high that you will feel like you are looking at a larger screen. It's a good thing. The resolution of the 11-inchMacBookAir is equal to that of a 13-inch notebook. However, the 13-inchMacBookAir has a resolution comparable to a 15-inch notebook.

Camera. FaceTime allows you to communicate and see each other using FaceTime.

The new 720p FaceTime HD camera lets your family and friends see more of you. Every smile will be brighter thanks to three times the resolution of the old FaceTime camera. The widescreen format allows everyone to fit in the image without crowding around it.


Multi-Touch gestures make MacBook Air easier, more direct, and more fun. The Multi-Touch trackpad, which is large and spacious, is designed to accommodate them. The gestures are natural and smooth. It's almost as if you are touching the screen when scrolling down a webpage or switching between full-screen apps.


Keyboard with backlit display. You see what you write


Even though the MacBook Air is extremely compact, it still has a full-size keyboard. This makes typing feel as natural and comfortable as possible. The keyboard is backlit so that you can type in any light condition. The keyboard and display brightness are automatically adjusted by an ambient light sensor that detects changes in lighting conditions. You can always find the right lighting in any setting, whether you are sitting in a sunny café or on a cross-country redeye.