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Taimur Ali Khan, commonly known as Tim, is a six-year-old boy who has captured the hearts of many people all over the world.


Taimur Ali Khan, commonly known as Tim, is a six-year-old boy who has captured the hearts of many people all over the world. Born on December 20th, 2016, in Mumbai, India, Taimur is the son of Bollywood actors Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan. He also has a little brother named Jehangir Ali Khan. Despite his young age, Taimur has become a social media sensation and is often referred to as the "Prince of Pataudi."

Early Life and Family:

Taimur was born in the prestigious Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai. He comes from a family of Bollywood actors and is the grandson of the legendary actress Sharmila Tagore and the late cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. His mother, Kareena Kapoor, is a well-known actress who has starred in many hit movies, while his father, Saif Ali Khan, is also a famous actor who has acted in several successful films.

Taimur's Little Brother:

In February 2021, Taimur's family welcomed a new addition to the family - a little brother named Jehangir Ali Khan. Taimur has already shown that he is a caring and protective big brother, and his fans can't wait to see the bond between the two brothers grow stronger with time.

Personality and Interests:

Despite his young age, Taimur is already known for his adorable personality and charming smile. He loves spending time with his family and is often seen accompanying his parents on their outings. Taimur is also a huge fan of animals and is often spotted petting dogs and playing with them. He has a keen interest in music and dance, and his parents have enrolled him in music and dance classes.

Social Media Sensation:

Taimur's cute and innocent looks have made him a social media sensation, and his fans eagerly await any new pictures or videos of him that are posted on his family's social media accounts. He has also become a favorite of the paparazzi, who often follow him around to get pictures of him.


While Taimur is loved by many, his popularity has also sparked some controversies. Some people have criticized the media for invading his privacy and causing him discomfort. Taimur's parents have also spoken out against the media's obsession with their son, saying that they want him to have a normal childhood away from the media's attention.


In conclusion, Taimur Ali Khan may be only six years old, but he has already become a household name in India and beyond. His cute looks and charming personality have won him millions of fans, and he is sure to continue capturing hearts as he grows up. As Taimur's family works to balance his growing popularity with his need for privacy, his fans can look forward to seeing more of the Prince of Pataudi in the years to come.

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