causes of noise in vacuum dust collectors repair work and selection steps

causes of noise in vacuum dust collectors


causes of noise in vacuum dust collectors The use of filtration mechanism, is gravity, sieve, inertial impact, adsorption effect and diffusion and electrostatic attraction and other forces of the comprehensive effect. When the air flow with dust and smoke passes through the filter cloth, the particles larger than the filter cloth will settle due to gravity or be blocked by the filter cloth due to inertia. Particles smaller than the filter cloth void, due to collision with the filter cloth or adsorption by the filter cloth fiber, stay in the surface and void of the filter cloth, and form primary dust attached to the filter cloth, which is used to filter the subsequent secondary dust, namely dust filtration, so as to further improve the dust removal rate of the device.

The causes of noise in vacuum dust collectors is the use of filter bags made of fiber woven material to filter the dust, so that the dust bearing air purification. When the dust accumulates on the filter bag to a certain extent, the filter bag is sprayed and cleaned by means of compressed air in the form of pulse, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the filter bag. The dust bag is attracted by the fan, and the dusty air enters the dust chamber through the air inlet at the bottom of the lower box. The dust particles are blocked in the outer wall of the filter bag, and the air purified through the filter bag is discharged from the fan outlet.

causes of noise in vacuum dust collectors repair work:

First, the inlet and outlet air duct layout is compact, the airflow resistance is small.

Two, because of the use of separate chamber air pulse jet cleaning, spraying once can achieve the purpose of cleaning, so the cleaning period is extended, reduce the cleaning energy consumption, pressure gas consumption can be greatly reduced. At the same time, the fatigue degree of the filter bag and pulse valve is reduced, which increases the life of the filter bag and valve disc exponentially.

Three, the box adopts air tightness design, good sealing, inspection door with excellent sealing materials, in the process of production with kerosene leak detection, air leakage rate is very low.

Four, the use of separate chamber air stop pulse jet dust cleaning technology, overcome the conventional causes of noise in vacuum dust collectors and the shortcomings of separate chamber back blowing dust collector, dust removal, low emission concentration, small air leakage rate, less energy consumption, less steel consumption, covers an area, stable operation, good economic benefits. Suitable for metallurgy, building materials, cement, machinery, chemical, electric power, light industry dust gas purification and material recovery.

5. Bag repair and replacement can be carried out in separate rooms without stopping the system fan and under the normal operation condition of the system. Filter bag mouth with elastic ring, good sealing performance. The filter bag keel adopts the polygonal shape, which reduces the friction between the bag and the keel, prolongs the life of the bag, and is easy to unload the bag.

6. The upper part of the bag is pumped. After the skeleton is extracted during bag changing, the dirty bag is put into the ash bucket at the lower part of the box and taken out by the manhole.

The operation of the causes of noise in vacuum dust collectors can be divided into test operation and daily operation. At first, a test run is conducted, in which a single component of the system is checked, followed by a fitness run and a partial performance test. in daily operation, maintain ongoing checks, especially on the performance of the causes of noise in vacuum dust collectors. It should be noted that the change of the load of the host equipment will affect the performance of the dust collector. After starting the machine, pay close attention to the working conditions of the causes of noise in vacuum dust collectors and make relevant records.

The causes of noise in vacuum dust collectors selection steps:

First, collect the relevant design data: purification gas characteristics, dust characteristics, purification indicators, the performance of various causes of noise in vacuum dust collectors, especially the cleaning method and other content.

Two, the causes of noise in vacuum dust collectors, the causes of noise in vacuum dust collectors, a dust removal device, its stable performance, load change adaptation performance is good, It is easy to operate and manage, and the collected dry dust is easy to handle and recycle. It is widely used in the purification and dust removal of various industrial exhaust.

The preparation before using the causes of noise in vacuum dust collectors should check the air tightness of the combination of dust collector and flue, dust collector and ash hopper, ash hopper and ash discharging device and ash conveying device, and remove the phenomenon of ash leakage and air leakage. Close the small flapper valve, start the fan, and gradually open the large flapper valve after no abnormal phenomenon, so that the dust collector can pass the specified amount of dusty gas. The technical requirements of dust collector in operation. Pay attention to the easy to wear parts such as the inner wall of the outer cylinder changes, pressure difference changes and exhaust smoke status. Pay attention to dust adhesion, blockage and corrosion when the temperature of dusty gas changes or humidity decreases. The air tightness of each part of the dust collector, check the change of gas flow and dust concentration of the cylinder.

causes of noise in vacuum dust collectors