Brisafe lighter mirror standing mirror

Which Standing Full Length Mirror Manufacturer And Supplier Do You Know? Brisafe Is One Of Them. It Enjoys A High Reputation At Home And Abroad And Is Very Popular.


Standing mirror-the journey is hard and joyful

Good partner for the gym, sports, and dance training. Any talent only shines after hard training.

Suggested size(cm):50×160/60×180/80×160/100×180

Functional parts: standing with and without wheels

Application: standing on the floor/hanging on a wall/leaning



Brisafe lighter mirror standing mirror

Properties and applications of lightweight nano standing mirror

Lightweight nano standing mirror is a mirror made of 0.04mm nano mirror film. Nanomaterials are materials that are very small in size, and they have many unique properties. The nanomaterials used to make a lightweight nano standing mirror are very strong and lightweight. This makes the mirror much lighter than a traditional glass mirror. Nano standing mirrors have many benefits over traditional mirrors, including being easier to move and install, and being less likely to break.

The nanomaterials also give the mirror some other unique properties. For example, the nanomaterials used in the mirror can reflect light in a way that makes objects appear larger or smaller than they really are. The nanomaterials can also be used to create different colors of light, which can be used to create special effects.

Lightweight nano standing mirror supplier - Brisafe

Shanghai Brisafe Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-quality lightweight and shatterproof nanomirror products. Shanghai Brisafe invented the soft mirror and owns the complete intellectual copyright.

Brisafe has been developing a shatterproof, safe, and lightweight nanomirror system since 2015, and launched the first generation of products in 2019. Due to Brisafe continuous innovation and engineering on lightweight and safe nano mirror, together with its series nano mirror products, we can meet the great demand of lightweight and safe mirrors in commercial and residential use.

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