What should I avoid while taking Modalert?

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Modalert 200 is always being used to treat sleep issues.

Modalert or generic Modafinil is an extremely popular eugeroic medication used in the treatment of excessive sleepiness disorders. Working in the form of a psychostimulant, Modalert comes with the added advantage of reduced risk of addiction, making it a safe option for eugeroic users. Purported to work through the GABA receptors, Modalert is said to exert its cognitive effects through the histamine, dopamine and serotonin reuptake inhibition; resulting in a subsequent increase in their extracellular levels.

That said, it is important to be careful while using the medication to ensure a safe recovery period with minimum withdrawal symptoms.

What should I avoid while taking Modalert?

- Dose of usage

Order Modalert 200 tablets are available in strengths of 100mg and 200mg with 200mg being the more commonly used strength. It is usually advised by physicians to take the medication orally as a single dose once a day. Do Not exceed the dose above the required limit without the advice of the physician as it may result in overdose symptoms or increase the tolerance level of the medication.

- Time of using

Modalert is used in cases of sleep disorders like Narcolepsy, Shift Work Sleep Disorder and as concomitant medication for Sleep Apnea cases with sleep assistance devices. For Narcolepsy and Sleep Apnea conditions Modalert is advised to be taken early in the morning. For Shift Work Sleep Disorder cases, it is advised to use it an hour or two before the starting of their shift. Use it strictly as per the allocated slot and avoid any delay in its use for safety reasons.

- Way of ingestion

The correct way of using Modalert is by swallowing it whole with a glass full of water. Do Not chew, break or powder the medication before using as doing so will increase the risk of excessive medication limits in the bloodstream and result in symptoms of overdose.

- Drug interactions

Using the drug concomitantly with other medications like benzodiazepines, CNS depressants, painkillers and even a few anti-cancerous medications can decrease the efficacy of  either medication and cause complications for the user. Avoid the possibility of drug interactions while using Modalert by reading the instructions carefully mentioned on the leaflet.

- With Caffeine/ Alcohol / Grape juice

Modalert should not be taken with anything else other than water for a timely onset period and overall effectiveness of the medication. Caffeine, alcohol or even grape juice contain compounds that will impact the absorption and longevity of the drug and should be avoided as such. Even milk or juice are advised not to be used during Modalert intake for the safety of the user.

- Missed dose

In case of missing a dose within 7-8 hours of using the medication, take the tablet immediately and henceforth continue with the new timings for the dose. In cases of missed dose after 7-8 hours take the medication the next day in the same dose. Do Not overuse the medication to make up for the missed dose.

- On systemic conditions

Systemic conditions like liver or kidney problems can result in late absorption of the medication into the bloodstream and its subsequent metabolism before elimination from the system. Avoid using the medication in cases of heart or lung disorders, nephritic problems or renal disorders. Additionally pregnant or breastfeeding ladies are also advised to avoid using Modalert or use it with utmost care supervised by a practitioner.

Now that you can see why it is absolutely necessary to consult with a doctor before buying Modalert. Also, make sure to buy the drug from a reputed online pharmacy to rest assured of staying away from fake drugs.