Surrogacy in the USA - what are the rules?

Deciding on the right place for surrogacy can be a difficult decision. Here we compare surrogacy in the USA and alternative countries. Find out more about surrogacy and how the process works at


The United States is well-known for its gold standard when it comes to high surrogacy success rates and safety guarantees for childbirth. Thanks to the wide variety of options available in each state, American couples have a number of choices when considering their family planning journey. World Center of Baby has scoured through all the different states' regulations and carefully selected only those that are surrogacy-friendly, so you can be sure that your experience will be stress-free and safe.

What's more, by taking advantage of America's diverse array of laws on surrogacy we can tailor an individual program specifically suited to your needs without having any limitations imposed by one particular state or another. Our team understands how important this process is for our clients and makes sure they get top quality service every step along the way - from finding a surrogate mother who meets their criteria right up until delivery day!

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Surrogacy in America offers many advantages over other countries such as lower costs (due to favorable legislation) plus shorter waiting times due to fewer bureaucratic hurdles than elsewhere; not forgetting that there are also stringent medical requirements which ensure greater safety during pregnancy birth compared with some overseas clinics where standards may not always meet expectations.. We understand just how much trust must go into this process – both between intended parents surrogate mothers but also between ourselves as facilitators - which is why we take extra care at every stage throughout your unique journey towards parenthood!