Hiring a guaranteed rental agency is better than a traditional letting agency

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More people love the idea of renting out their properties but aren’t sure whether a guaranteed rental agency or traditional letting agent is best. It’s easy to see why so many are torn over this decision. Both agencies offer a great service but differ slightly. Guaranteed rent is ideal

Zero risk of non-payment

Traditional letting agencies offer a valid service, however, they won’t pay you when the property is vacant. For example, you own a two-bed semi. Your current tenant leaves at the end of May (as agreed upon) and the property remains unoccupied for two months. A traditional letting agent will search for a new tenant but you won’t receive any rent in the meantime.

A guaranteed rental agency will pay you for those two months, regardless of whether there is a tenant in place. That’s why it can be easier – and better – to opt for a guaranteed rental agency rather than a traditional letting agent.

Everything is dealt with by the agency

Despite what you might think, a guaranteed rental agency can deal with most things related to the sub-tenant. For instance, if minor repairs are needed, the agency will arrange for them to be carried out. It can be a straightforward way to rent out a property.

Traditional letting agents often require you to get involved since they’re only the middlemen. It means more work for you; however, a guaranteed rental agent will handle most matters on your behalf.

A guaranteed income each month

While a traditional letting agent can secure a tenant, they can’t guarantee you a monthly rental income. Most agents won’t chase up late rental payments as they don’t have the resources to do so. Whereas a guaranteed rental agency will. You get paid regardless of the situation with the sub-tenant.

It’s a great way to get good peace of mind for your rental property.

A guaranteed rental agency is the best choice to consider

Traditional letting agencies are great but they offer a different service to guaranteed rent agencies. You don’t have any guarantees over rent and you often have to deal with the tenant. Guaranteed rent is different because you get paid whether a tenant is in place or otherwise.

Guaranteed rental agencies will also find a suitable tenant and deal with the administrative side too. It can make a difference to your rental portfolio and leaves you happier with the arrangements. That is why a guaranteed rental agency is sometimes better than a traditional letting agent.