Concrete Mixer Discharge Gate PartsConcrete Mixer Discharge Gate PartsConcrete Mixer Discharge Gate Parts

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Concrete Mixer Discharge Gate Parts Concrete Mixer Discharge Gate Cylinder Discharging device generally includes discharge gate main shaft , discharging door set in the main shaft.The bearing sleeve is set on the discharge main shaft and bearing mounting plate which is fixed on the wall plate.The discharge gate main shaft is provided with a rocker arm which is fixed on the main shaft by a taper pin.The rocker arm is located on the outside of the bearing support.The oil cylinder is hinged on the wall panel and hinged with the rocker arm.By controlling the expansion of the cylinder to adjust the rotation angle of the discharge gate. Piston RodChrome or nickel plated,ground polished piston rod TubeHigh tensile cold drawn tube, precision honed for extended seal life CertificateISO9001-2008 Easy to set up , adjust and maintain. Power source is easy to obtained and more economic. Operation with little noise.Concrete Mixer Discharge Gate Parts website: