Can I choose my seats on Icelandair?

Iceland is a popular airline that offers flights to and from Iceland


Iceland is a popular airline that offers flights to and from Iceland, as well as to other destinations in Europe and North America. One of the key features of Iceland seat selection process, which allows travelers to choose their seats before they board the plane.


There are several different types of seats available on Iceland flights, including standard seats, comfort seats, and Saga Premium seats. Standard seats are the most basic option, and are typically located in the main cabin of the plane. Comfort seats are slightly larger and offer more legroom, and are typically located in the first few rows of the main cabin or in the premium economy section. Saga Premium seats are the most luxurious option, and offer the most legroom, as well as other perks such as priority boarding and access to the Saga Lounge at the airport.


To select your seat on an Icelandair flight, you can either do it online through the Iceland website or app, or you can contact the Icelandair call center to have a representative assist you. Seat selection fees vary depending on the type of seat you choose and the length of your flight, but in general, it is a good idea to choose your seat in advance, especially if you have specific preferences or needs.


Overall, the seat selection process on Iceland is straightforward and easy to use, and allows travelers to customize their flying experience to suit their needs and preferences. Whether you want a standard seatfor the most basic travel experience, or a Saga Premium seat for maximum comfort and luxury, Icelandair has you covered.

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