Who is jacob hurley bongiovi girlfriend

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Once Jack returns home he can't find David. He heads to David's mother's house to check there, but only finds a voice message confirming a seven pm audition. Jack goes to the audition and walks in on his son playing the piano and is amazed by his talent. A young kid tells Jack, "your son is very good." This kid is with none other than Dogen. Jack and Dogen say a few words to one another but it seems meaningless.

After the audition Jack tells David he didn't know he was still playing. David said he had asked his mother to keep it a secret from Jack because basically jacob hurley bongiovi girlfriend was worried if he didn't do well Jack would think he was a failure. Jack lets him know that would never be the case and it pretty much wrapped up the off the island part of the show.

Jacob appears to Hurley with instructions to take Jack to the Lighthouse. They must go there and turn this sundial to 108 degrees. Jacob tells Hurley he has to do this because someone is coming to the island and he needs him to make sure they can find it.

Dogen finds Hurley wandering around the temple, looking for the secret passage Jacob told him about, and tells him he shouldn't be here to go to the courtyard. Jacob appears to Hurley again and tells him to tell Dogen that he is a candidate and he can do what he wants. Dogen obviously angered once Hurley says this but he leaves and lets Hurley do as he pleases. Jacob tells Hurley that he can't go at it alone and must go get Jack. In order to get Jack to go to the lighthouse Jacob gives Hurley a message to tell Jack, "He has what it takes."