Jacob hurley bongiovi stranger things character

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Claire's character has definitely transformed. She comes across as even more ruthless than Rousseau was. It makes me wonder if Sayid's character will change to this extent. Because Sayid wasn't a little innocent girl like Claire was, he was a dangerous man from the get go and the infection could show what he is really capable of. I had high hopes for Sayid's jacob hurley bongiovi stranger things but I feel it's just going to end badly for him now.

In the off the island timeline Jack is a father, but the mother of his child is never revealed. Could it be his first wife? Kate? Juliet?

Jack has the scar still from his appendix being removed. His mother says it was taken out when he was around six or seven. She asks Jack, "Don't you remember? They wouldn't let your father remove it." Jack says he remembers but comes across as doubtful.

He then goes pick up his son, David, from school. I'm not the best judge of age but I'd say he is around 12 years old give or take. They apparently see one another about as much as they speak, which is not often. Jack goes off to his mother's house to help her look for his father's will. When she finally locates it, she does a quick glance and asks Jack if he knows Claire.