How old is jake bongiovi in 2020

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Ihad a theory before this episode that the cave in the last episode, The Substitute, was not Jacob's cave. I believed that it was New Locke's cave and that both he and Jacob had their own lists of possible candidates to take over for them. I believed that this episode, Lighthouse, was going to show us Jacob's list and Shephard wouldn't be on it. I was wrong. So, this leaves me with the same question how old is jake bongiovi I had before - if Shephard is on both the list and the sundial in the lighthouse, why in season three do they clearly state that, "Jack isn't even on Jacob's list." Then who is this Shephard? Did the Others have false information? If so, why were they lied to?

Jack breaking the mirrors in the lighthouse really annoyed me. I would have had to seen what was in the mirrors at 108 degrees ( 108 is the sum of 4,8,15,16,23,42). The 108th name on the sundial said WALLACE and was scratched out.

The mirrors on the sundial appeared to show the church where Jacob touched Sawyer before Jack seen his house.