Hotels in South Korea - In Proximity to Tourists' Attractions

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South Korea, known as the 'land of the morning calm' occupies the southern half of the Korean peninsula. It is a major economic power and one of the wealthiest countries in Asia. It is 13th largest country in the world and fourth largest country in Asia. Not only this, but it has 6th armed force and 10th largest defense budget in the world. It is one of the leading centers of industries in the world; let it be science and technology, infrastructure or information technology. It is neither lagging behind in steel production, Shipbuilding, automobile production nor in refining 주소모음 industry. The storehouse of so many industries and features is also a choice of tourists.

The most famous historical tourist attractions in South Korea include Seoul, Gyeongju and Buyeo. There are many landmarks, peaks, caves, islands and beaches that have attracted tourist from the world across and for their accommodation, hotels in South Korea has brought up remarkable developments with several facilities and amenities. The most popular cultural hub in South Korea is its capital city, Seoul, which is one among the top 20 world class cities. Seoul has many tourist attractions such as 63 building, which is one of the tallest buildings around Han River. It is multi-tourists complex with varies ways to gather fun and excitement. It is even known as the 'Golden Tower'. Its observation tower gives you a clear view of surrounding city and the Incheon Sea.

Achasanseong fortress is one of the places worth viewing. Similarly there are many tourists attraction in the city and many Seoul hotels in the center of the city or around famous tourists' attractions. Many of these hotels provide rooms with mountain or river view along with well maintained cleanliness and in-room facilities.

Kwangju, the 6th largest city in South Korea, is also one of the major economic and political centers of South Korea. It is also known as the city of art in Korea because of the famous Art Street, which consist of many stores specialize in art supplies, traditional and modern paintings and high quality ceramics pottery. The National Museum and the National Cemetery are other places of interest in the city. All these have attracted tourists and gave foothold to Kwangju Hotels in the country.