Visa Provision For ICT Managers NEC 135199

Knowing the ICT Managers NEC 135199 English language eligibility criteria, visa provision, job description and tasks is a must for you.


Knowing the ICT Managers NEC 135199 English language eligibility criteria, visa provision, job description, and tasks is a must for you. The clearer you know all these things, the easier it will be for you to win a positive ACS RPL skill assessment.

Therefore, we wrote this with the intention to help you by providing all the necessary details. So, read this whole blog to know the requirements for ICT Managers NEC 135199 occupation.

Job description:

These professionals organize, plan, direct, control, and coordinate the acquisition, development, use, and maintenance of computer and telecommunication systems within companies.

Visa provision:

You can apply for a Skilled Nominated 190 visa or a Skilled Regional Nominated 489 visa featuring the STSOL (Short-term skilled occupation list). If you are working in this occupation and desire to qualify for a General Skilled Migration visa, you will be compelled to apply for a state appointment to travel to Australia.

This occupation is listed on the STSOL, but there is also a chance that no country actually has a market for people in that profession. The online assessment only lists occupations that are being asked for by a territory or state in the country. So, if the occupation doesn’t appear on the online assessment, you can find an employer sponsor in Australia.

English language eligibility criteria:

A minimum of the below-given score is required in the following exams to win a positive ACS skill assessment:

  • TOEFL iBT L: 12, R: 13, W: 21, S: 23, L93
  • IELTS 7 (Speaking, 6 (W, R, L), 7 (overall)
  • OET: B (all sections)
  • PTE Academics: 50 (W, R, L), 65 (Speaking), 65 (overall)


  • The Australian Graduate Exceptions are allowed to apply in some states or territories in the country.
  • If you are from Canada, the US, the UK, New Zealand, and Ireland, then you don’t need to show your IELTS or OET results.
  • Priority Skilled List may be an important requirement.

If licensing or registration is required, you are required to show the OET or IELTS results.


The following are the tasks ICT Managers NEC 135199 perform:

  • They need to analyze information needs and specify technology to fulfill those requirements.
  • The professional formulates and directs information and communication technology (ICT) policies, strategies, and plans.
  • They have to direct the selection and installation of ICT resources and the provision of user training.
  • The expert oversees the security of ICT systems.
  • They direct operations and set priorities between system developments, maintenance, and operations.


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