Why Should you Visit Our Urgent Care San Bernardino Facility?

West Point Medical Center | Urgent Care in Fontana CA


When you need urgent medical attention, but it doesn't necessitate an emergency, you'd visit a healthcare professional. But emergency departments have long wait times. But with West Point Medical Center, you can avail of our telehealth services and request an urgent call or video chat and arrange a session that suits best for you at our Urgent Care San Bernardino center.

Our Urgent Care San Bernardino doesn't require any recommendation from a regular care physician. If you don't have a personal physician available, you can contact West Point Medical Center's urgent care San Bernardino facility upon a minor injury or illness.

Our services are available all 7 days of the week and we also operate on weekends and holidays.

We also accept major insurance plans, including:

● Medicare

What injuries Does Our Urgent Care San Bernardino Treat?
If you require immediate attention, visit West Point Medical Center as soon as possible for expert medical attention quickly. We treat conditions such as:

● Back pain
● Common illnesses like Flu
● Painful sore throat
● Minor fever or headache
● Earache or sinus pain
● Sprained ankle
● Cuts or small wounds
● Minor burns
● Rash or minor allergies
● Urinary tract infections
● Nausea
● Diarrhea

For serious medical emergencies such as difficulty in breathing, bleeding, strokes, etc., please visit your nearest emergency care center or call 911.

Contact us at (909) 880-6400 for your urgent health requirements.