FMWhatsapp Download (Official) December Latest Version 2022

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FMWhatsApp APK (FM WhatsApp Mod) is an interesting WhatsApp mod that allows you to chat with your friends in private and adds some amazing features that enhance the experience. This article will provide more information about FM WhatsApp

FMWhatsApp APK

FMWhatsApp APK (FM WhatsApp Mod) is an interesting WhatsApp mod that allows you to chat with your friends in private and adds some amazing features that enhance the experience. This article will provide more information about FM WhatsApp. This article will provide information about the version, features, as well as how to download it.
Modern society relies heavily upon communication. Many messaging apps have appeared on the market since the introduction of the smartphone. Although there are many apps available, WhatsApp is the most popular. You can remain completely private during all types of messaging. We humans want more. Developers are creating apps similar to WhatsApp.

FMWhatsApp APK

FMWhatsApp APK, one of the most popular messaging apps, is widely used by many. Fouad WhatsApp Apps has developed a special version of this app. Fouad Mokdad is the developer. fmwhatsApp apk is not available in the Google Play Store. However, you can download it from other websites.
FMWhatsApp APK App provides many useful features that are not available in the original WhatsApp app. We don't care if we use the original or modified app; we just want the best app to provide us with the most useful features.

What is the FM WhatsApp APK Deal?

FMWhatsApp APK modifies WhatsApp to allow you to do many things you cannot in the official version. This WhatsApp app features many unique features, such as the anti delete status feature which allows you to see deleted status. It allows video calling and other enhanced features of WhatsApp Messenger Mod, along with Arabic bypass WhatsApp Lock and custom themes.


Below is the FmWhatsApp Android APK.
FmWhatsApp is the App's name.
Version 14.09 is the latest.
App size is 52.02MB
FoudMakkad is the name of the developer.
The package's name is com.FmWhatsApp.
It is the modified WhatsApp version.
On June 18, 2019, the latest update was posted online.


This app allows you to do the following.
You can change the App's green theme with any color you choose from the library.
Your library can accept thousands of themes and you are allowed to add your own themes.
All icons can be personalized by changing the colors and icon graphics.


You can choose to remain more private by doing the following.
Privacy tweaks can be added to the App. This allows you to hide features such as last seen, blue ticks and double ticks.
The video calling feature can be deactivated, which isn't possible in the original app.
The app lock allows you to create a password and can be used by users. This is how you can protect your data effectively.

Exclusive Features

Anti-Revoke: FM WhatsApp 2022 offers you the anti-revoke option that allows you to talk with your friends without fear. This feature is not supported by WhatsApp, but fmwhatsApp apk latest version supports it.

Call Blocker: This feature will be available in the original WhatsApp soon, although FMWA has had it since long ago. We need more functionality to replace SMS and traditional calling because we are getting more reliable with texting and VoIP. Call blocking is one key feature.

Emoji: WhatsApp's user interface is a common feature. The FMWhatsApp APK version, on the other hand, offers many emoji options, including Facebook, Android Emoji One V3, Old Stock Emoji and Apple Emoji. This is why most young people love this mod.

Broadcast messages: Broadcast messages can be sent using FM WhatsApp Download for your Android phone. You can message all your contacts in a group, without having to send them each separately.

Pin Your Favorite Chats - You can pin your favorite chats to FMWhatsApp APK Download. This will allow you to quickly access the chat you are interested in reading. This will help you save time and ensure that you don't waste time searching for the chat.

App Launcher and Notifications icons: This feature allows you to change the launcher for FMWhatsApp APK Download if you get bored with the default app launcher. You can also modify the notification icon.

Wallpaper WhatsApp: In FM WhatsApp mod APKs, you can choose a wallpaper that best suits your needs. You can make a special friend your wallpaper by setting his picture as your chat screen wallpaper.

Anti-Delete Messages: If someone sends you an email and then deletes it immediately, this will not cause the message to be deleted from your phone. This is because FM WhatsApp has an anti-delete feature that ensures that messages are not deleted. This is also a great feature.

How to Download and Install FMWhatsApp on Android Devices

You will want to download FM WhatsApp APK after reading the features. The downloading process for games downloaded from the Google Play Store and third-party sites differs.
These steps will allow you to download the mod:
First, open your browser and search FMWhatsApp.
Next, open the first website.
Wait while the download completes.
Next, click on the phone settings and then security.
To install the downloaded FMWhatsApp APK file, you must enable "Unknown Resources".
Navigate to the Download folder in the File Manager and click on the FM WhatsApp Download button.
Once the installation is complete, open WhatsApp.
It will now ask for your number to create a new account, or use your existing account.
After that, you will receive a code to your number.
Enter this code to start FMWhatsApp.

How to Update FM WhatsApp?

Always ensure that you are using the latest vesrsion of this mod. To use the new features, uninstall the older version if you have found the most recent version.


The mod offers many interesting and great features to its users. Because of its reliability, this mod is extremely popular. This mod allows the user to keep their chats private and protects data.This article should have helped you to understand the mod. You can reach me via the comments section if you have any questions about this mod.
Original WhatsApp works fine with its servers. FmWhatsApp is a great alternative if you want to add some variety to your app menu. The App will give you the latest features that were missing from the original app. The modified version is not recommended for those who are concerned about legality and absolute privacy. Modified Apps can offer you customization and personalization but cannot guarantee your absolute privacy. We have provided all the details. You now have to make the decision and face the consequences. Consider the pros and cons of each option, and then choose what is best for you. We cannot help but guide you. We can only guide you. But, the final decision is yours.