Winter heating treasure good thing - electric blanket

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In the cold winter, the good things that make people feel soaring, the electric blanket must have a place. The manufacturing process is simple, the price is frugal, the use is convenient, and the power consumption is low, making it a must-have cost-effective item for thousands of household

The structure of the electric blanket is simply to weave the electric heating element into the quilt in the shape of a snake. Its working principle is to convert the electric energy into heat energy.

The blanket body of the electric blanket is usually made of flexible fabrics, such as non-woven fabrics, cotton, and cashmere.


1. The shape of the traditional electric blanket

(1) Non-woven fabric is a sheet or mesh fabric formed by directional or random orientation of textile fibers. It has the characteristics of moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light, cheap, and environmentally friendly.

(2) Cotton fabric is the most widely accepted textile material and favored by all kinds of people. It is used as the body of electric blankets. Its air permeability is better than that of non-woven fabrics, and the price is also higher.

(3) The flannel fabric can also be used as a component of the electric blanket. Flannel, a soft, suede woven fabric made of carded wool or fine carded animal hair, is thicker, more insulative and more expensive.


2. The focus of the electric blanket

The electric heating element in the "sandwich" part is the core component of the electric blanket. It is composed of heating wires, controllers and connecting components. It can sense and send temperature and feedback signals, automatically control overheating phenomena, and realize automatic protection.

The heating wire is the heat source. With the progress and maturity of the manufacturing process, its structure has become more delicate and its safety has become higher and higher. The double-layer helical structure is the mainstream. Taking a popular brand of electric blanket as an example, its heating wire structure is insulated mandrel, heating wire, protective wire, PE protective layer and insulating layer from the inside to the outside. The outermost layer is usually coated with heat-resistant resin, so that the heating wire has high tensile strength and anti-aging performance, and protects the entire circuit.

After the power is turned on, the heating wire starts to heat up. If the temperature is too high or the heating wire is broken and sparked, the protection wire will be blown, and the circuit will collect the blown signal and quickly transmit it to the controller to realize automatic shutdown. electric protection.


(1) The heating wire actually belongs to the category of heating resistors, which are wire resistors that emit high heat when energized

(2) The controller has the functions of anti-arc, anti-leakage and automatic protection, and is a protection device for the circuit

(3) The connection component is used to connect the heating wire and the controller, which requires high withstand voltage strength and airtight insulation connection function, which can ensure the safety of the entire heating wire and the controller.


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