Our Product
1. High and low temperature(humidity) test chamber
2. Aging test chamber
3. Rapid temperature change test chamber
4. Three comprehensive (vibration, temperature, humidity) test chambers
5. Temperature shock test chamber
6. High and low temperature of vacuum test chamber
7. Rain test chamber
8. Sand and dust test chamber
9. Salt spray test chamber
10. Support large walk-in non-standard custom test box
Product Application
New energy
Power Battery
Electronic industry
Railway industry
Automobile industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Production Equipment
The company has a completely automatic sheet metal cutting production line and assembly production line, and all kinds of production equipment are fully configured.
Production Market
Currently the Chinese market accounts for 60% of the total market sales. The main customers are classified into the new energy field, the lithium batteries field, the railway industry and automobile industry, etc. The customers in East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Americas are the second proportion in the market sales, which accounts for about 30%. Typical customers include: Georgia State Key Laboratory, Panasonic Batteries, TCL, LG, CRRC, BOSCH, SONY, muRata.Environment Test Machine factory