What is BIS Registration (CRS) for IT and Electronic products in India?

CRS stands for Compulsory Registration Scheme. This scheme was introduced by Department of Electronics and Information Technology in 2012. BIS Registration (CRS) is essential for all electronic products which are notified in Mandatory Product List for BIS (CRS), such as secondary Cell & Battery, Bluetooth Speaker & Headphone, Ear-buds, CCTV Camera, Adapter for IT & Electronic devices, Printers, RFID/Smart Card Readers and similar gadgets. Both Indian and foreign manufacturers need to apply for this CRS certification to sell their products in the Indian markets. BIS Registration does not require any factory or laboratory inspection to be done by BIS Officer like for BIS/ISI Certifications. BIS Registration normally requires 20-25 working days to complete the procedure. BIS Registration is issued for 2 years initially and later on it can be renewed before expiry date for next 2 to 5 years.